A Non-Update Update

No big news to report, but that’s not a bad thing right now! 

We have decided on an agency that we love! We are excited to work with them & are so sure that they will help unite us with Baby J! 

We are moving forward on home repairs and fixing things that we’ve put off for too long! Those things need to happen before we can have a home visit and truly begin the process of adoption. 

We are getting ready for fall & winter art shows to sell my jewelry and make more baby money! 

School started at the beginning of August, actually I went back when it was still July. Eek! I love my summers, but I can honestly say that being a teacher is a blessing! It wears me out like nothing else, but I love my monsters fiercely and there is no job in the world that could be more awesome! 

Our sweet kitty Shakespeare has been having kidney problems, so we’ve spent a great deal of time (and money) at the vet. He now gets a blood pressure pill each night and we give him IV fluids on Tuesday. Yes, we give our cat an IV. Who knew. But really, if you need something adorable to google, just type in cat blood pressure. It’s the cutest. He’s a happy fluffy kitty boy & we love him so! 

We are happy. We are in love. We are thankful. We are ready for you, Baby J! xoxoxoxoxo 



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