13 days!

October 1 is a sad day for us; the worst day. It’s the day, in 2010, that we heard those two words that changed everything for always: no heartbeat.

We know baby Hope wouldn’t want us to be sad every October 1 forever, so we’ve decided to make the day an awesome one! 

Big things are going to be set into motion on October 1. We are still going to be sad, we will still honor our sweet Hope that day, but we are also going to focus on the future, pray for Baby J, & totally Get Stuff Done! (GSD is one of my new favorite reminders to be forward focused!)

My super awesome friend keeps making me these countdowns & I love them. Honestly, we aren’t exactly keeping calm…well, David is, but I don’t do calm…but we are totally focused on GSD mindset to find Baby J & hold him or her in our arms forever. 

Would you join us in prayer the next 13 days? 

Please join us as we pray to be strong, to be brave, and to be united in Faith, Love, & Hope as we move forward to GSD!

xoxo David & Mandee

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