Let’s Fight Slavery this Dressember! 

Everyone, EVERY ONE, should be free!

It’s so easy to think that the world is truly free, as we are free, but that just isn’t true. It’s heartbreaking, but not hopeless.

My amazing friend Lauren, who is such a beautiful example of love and faith in my life, shared the Dressember movement with me. She is joining tons of other women by wearing a dress every day in December to raise awareness of the current state of slavery in our world. It’s a fight that needs to be won!

Now, you know I’m not a dress girl. Nope, not a bit. I do, however, believe with my whole heart we can change the world with love. That’s why I’m joining Lauren in beautiful cause. I won’t be wearing a dress every day, but I will be sharing this powerful truth & donating a portion of all December sales to fight modern day slavery.

You can help, too! You can shop at www.seekingbabyjshop.com and use the code DRESSEMBER to save 10% off all purchases in December. It starts today, actually, because I’m just too excited to wait!  Every purchase also enters you into a raffle to win a handcrafted Seeking Baby J leather cuff. I’m also working on a special piece of jewelry for Dressember.

You can also follow @SeekingBabyJ on Instagram & Facebook, share the picture below, and use the hashtag #sbjdressember for an entry!

You can join in the fight to restore freedom and dignity to all men, women, and children by donating to Lauren’s Dressember fund by clicking this link. You can share this information about modern day slavery with the people you love & use your social media accounts to spread the word.

Watch the TedTalk: How a Dress Can Change the World by Blythe Hill.

You can pray for all people to be free. Pray for an end to slavery.  Pray for Hope, Peace, and Love.

Below is some information about Dressember that will help you get started. Let’s change the world together!

This very minute there are over 27 million men, women, and children living in slavery. In fact, there are more slaves today than at any other point in history. Dressember is one way we can change these statistics. Through Dressember, women all over the world are joining together and wearing a dress every day during December to raise awareness and funds for those fighting against modern day slavery. Join us in this fight! Check out Dressember and their partner organizations A21 and International Justice Mission. Join the Dressember movement. Tell someone about modern day slavery. Buy ethically sourced clothes or food or jewelry. Share information about modern slavery. Commit to pray for those who are enslaved and for the abolitionists fighting to set them free. Or, make a financial donation (85% goes directly to A21 and IJM; 15% goes towards Dressember to raise awareness and increase advocacy). Every single dress, share, prayer, or dollar goes a long way!


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