Madly in love 40 somethings struggling with infertility-seeking our baby through adoption, endless faith, hope, and love.

David and I (Mandee) met in 2005. It was love at first sight. Well, first message, actually. We met online. We were both praying for true love. Thankfully, we were the only online date either of us went on. We dated, fell in love, got engaged, married, and started our happily ever after.

David, my Schmoopy, does IT work for a dental company. To be honest, it is super techie and I don’t really get it. I teach 8th grade English/Language Arts & I love it!

After a few years of trying to get pregnant, we started fertility treatments. When I was finally pregnant, our hearts were so full of love and excitement. It was everything we ever prayed for and dreamed about. At 14 weeks, on October 1, 2010, during a pretty routine ultrasound, we got the worst news of our lives. Two words: no heartbeat. We call the aftermath the dark times. And they were. It took us a long time to be ready to try again. This time we had all the tests, went to a fertility clinic, tried all the meds, shots, and treatments we could afford. After several failed IUI attempts, another loss, over $10,000 gone, and our emotions ready to get off the roller coaster of infertility, we decided to take a break.

During our fertility break, we prayed, we researched, we prayed some more. Endlessly, really. We also found real happiness again. Our hearts began to feel truly joyful. Adoption kept coming up in our conversations, our hearts, and our prayers. We began researching and visiting adoption information sessions. The more we found out and prayed, the more we realized that adoption was the right choice for our family. We also understand that adoption is heartbreaking. As one gains a child, another loses one. We have so much respect for the birth moms that make the ultimate sacrifice for their children. Our love for these amazing women is infinite.

Seeking Baby J, a longing that has been in our hearts for as long as we have been in love, became our prayer. We invite you to share this prayer with us.

We are so thankful that you are joining us. Your love and prayers make our hearts so happy. xo~David and Mandee



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