A little special something

I’ve been so in love with creating bracelets lately. It is just so amazing to me to create something that actually goes out into the world.

I usually work in art journals and doodles, which may end up being shared in a random social media pic here & there, but that’s about it. When I started making bracelets, that all changed & I really love this new way I am sharing a bit of my creativity.

What I love and cherish even more is that my art is helping us get to our sweet Baby J & our prayers for parenthood. Each sale brings one step closer to our baby dreams.

Each bracelet holds a secret, too. A little bit of love from our sweet angel Baby Hope. I use one of her special memorial bricks as part of my work surface. I love that her memory is a part of each special bracelet. She is always with us. We have several memorial bricks, one was installed at the Angel Garden, one sits in front of the mantel in our living room, and now one rests in my workshop as a piece of my art. It means so much to us that she is part of this process.
We love you, Hope. Always.




Looking for the Ultimate Gift? Help Us Adopt!

It’s no secret that our hearts’ desire is to be parents. Many of you share this prayer with us & it makes our hearts so happy.

Adoption is expensive. We’ve been fundraising through Jamberry and bracelet sales. It’s been wonderfully helpful, but such slow going. After much thought and prayer, we’ve decided to begin a campaign on CrowdRise. This site enables us to receive donations from anyone with the link. CrowdRise has been used by many organizations and individuals to raise money for a variety of reasons with great success. Asking for help, especially when it involves money, isn’t easy. Life isn’t easy. Infertility isn’t easy. That doesn’t mean we can’t be successful. My favorite people in the world taught us that we can do hard things & we believe it with our whole hearts.

So, here we are asking for help. Would you consider donating to our adoption? Would you share the link on your social media sites, in an email, tweet, fb post, or text? Would you ask your friends to share it, too?

Here is the link to CrowdRise :  https://www.crowdrise.com/seekingbabyj/fundraiser/mandeejablonski

You can also send a financial gift via PayPal

Thank you for your prayers, love, and for being a part of our lives!