What’s your word? Wear it on a SBJ cuff!

Hey friends!

I’ve been busy over the winter break coming up with new ideas for Seeking Baby J bracelets. I’ve also been getting ready for 2015 to be our year! Great things are going to happen, I just know it! I’ve declared this year to be Mandee’s Epic 2015! I’m hashtagging every bit of my epic year on my personal instagram @ohmandee. It’s a fun mess of selfies, silliness, and my art stuff. And tons of pictures of Shakespeare kitty. If you’d like to follow our adoption instagram account, you can find us here @seekingbabyj.This is where I post about our adoption, sales, and other Baby J related stuff.

My word for 2015 will be GRACE. It has been so cool seeing little signs of grace everywhere since the word found me. I made a bracelet for myself and thought you might like one, too!


The cuffs come in a wide width of 1/2″ or a narrow width of 1/4″. I can stamp them with up to 20 characters and include an arrow, heart, or cross for $18 (shipping included to US addresses). They are beautiful, shiny, aluminum cuffs that adjust to fit almost any wrist. They look great alone or stacked with other cuffs or bracelets. I stamp each piece by hand All proceeds go right into our baby account. If you’d like to order one, just fill out my form here and I’ll invoice you via PayPal.


2 thoughts on “What’s your word? Wear it on a SBJ cuff!

  1. Hi — I LOVE this idea. I don’t have a computer, and can’t seem to find a way to order these name bracelets by using my smartphone. Is there a way I can order them, or another website? Also, I do not use PayPal, as I’ve had issues with my account being hacked, while ordering CD’s from Germany. Is it possible to pay by Visa, or by sending a check or money order, along with a handwritten order? Sorry to be a pain! Thanks for providing a way to ask questions. Sincerely ~ Jim


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