Fall Fest Fun!

We were super brave and signed up for a table at our church’s FALLFest! It was a little scary, honestly, to go with the intention of sharing my bracelets and our journey to become parents with so many people. We’ve done both before, but mostly to people who already love us and share our prayers and dream for Baby J.

We put a lot of time & thought into our display. Schmoopy’s idea of sharing our story was awesome and really helped us connect to the crowd.


Some of our favorite people stopped by throughout the day to give us extra love and support. We are so blessed by these beautiful friends and family members. We met some cool new people, too! Our hearts were full all day! It was awesome!

The next step in our plan is to get our online store up and running. We also hope to have the funds to sign with an agency by Christmas. Yay! Things are looking up for us, Baby J! It won’t be long now until we hold you in our arms.

Here are a few more pictures from our day!









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