Honoring Our Loss

miscarriage-infant-loss-stillbirthOctober is a hard month for us. Truthfully, we have a lot of hard months, but October is the worst one.

We lost our sweet Baby Hope on October 1, 2010 when I was 12 weeks pregnant. She was beautiful and we love her more than we ever knew you could love anything or anyone. Isn’t she beautiful.


Baby Hope at 12 Weeks

October is also Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.
This isn’t a shiny, happy thing to talk about, but it is more real than just about anything else I know.
Baby Hope is part of our family and our lives, always. I know it makes you sad and uncomfortable sometimes when we talk about her. That’s okay. Pregnancies shouldn’t end without babies. It isn’t supposed to happen, but it does. She’s with us here in our hearts and in Heaven where we will finally get to hold her.
Yes, it is sad and there isn’t a happy ending. I know you don’t want to talk about it, especially if you are expecting a baby of your own.
No, I won’t get over it. I never will. I won’t get over losing my dad to cancer, either. Sometimes sad things happen that change us. We are different now. Part of us, the part we prayed so long for & loved more than we ever knew we could love, is gone.
We know you want to support us even when it is difficult.
This post has some beautiful ways to honor the memory of our Baby Hope or any other special baby that lives in the heart of people we love.It means so much, even though it might be hard for you. Just image how hard it is for us.

10 Ways to Honor Your Friend’s Child that Died this October


3 thoughts on “Honoring Our Loss

  1. I am so sorry for your loss and I feel your pain. My own day is coming near- one year ago, Nov 1st I lost my baby girl. We also named her Hope. ❤ Please feel free to check out my page – lifewithapreemie.com where I am sharing my story. Keep writing! It has helped me so much.


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