A day spent with beauty

Today I spent the afternoon with some amazing women from SHARE Atlanta, the awesome miscarriage and infant loss support group that helped us process losing Baby Hope and honoring her memory.
We met at Sips & Strokes in Sandy Springs and created beautiful butterfly paintings. I’m still deciding on a quote for my painting, but I know the right one will come to me! We also laughed and cried. We shared our stories and had true fellowship. I often say that art is prayer and today served as a reminder of how true the lines of faith and beauty intersect.

These women are so strong. They carry so much love and sadness in their hearts. They inspire me to continue, to hope, to uplift others. It is always a difficult day for my heart, but one that holds infinite rewards of healing and joy.

I also shared my Seeking Baby J bracelets with the group and was so happy that they were admired. Our adoption fund continues to grow from the kindness of so many people. One day we will tell our sweet Baby J stories of all the beautiful people that helped us become a family. And I know, more than I know anything in the world, that our arms and our hearts will soon be filled with parenthood.

Here are some pictures from today. It truly was a day spent with beauty.

A selfie, of course, with my sweet friend Lacey


Our memorial table, where I shared a few of Hope’s special treasures.


A picture of my painting. The big butterfly is Hope and the two little ones are us. We are searching for the perfect quote to add.


My Seeking Baby J bracelet display


Our group picture, which I love so much!


I’m so thankful for such a beautiful day!


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