Our Baby J

This week, we have been overwhelmingly blessed with kindness from so many beautiful people & so much big giant love!

We don’t know you yet, Baby J, but we love you. So many people love you, actually.
You are already in our hearts. In many hearts.
We dream about you.
We pray for you.
We long for you.
And we cannot wait to snuggle with you.

Our hearts have been pretty lonely waiting for you. We already had a few dark empty spots from missing Baby Hope. The amazing thing about love and faith, though, is that they heal those lonely spots. We are also surrounded by so many amazing people that love us and you, Baby J. Wow! It is awesome!

Your MomMom always says that our Popi loved us more every day than most people are loved in their whole lives. Guess what, we love you even more! You are tremendously loved beyond anything we will ever be able to comprehend by so many people. It’s so much LOVE.

We know that God’s plan has been in place for us to be together for longer than forever. We try really hard to be patient. It sure isn’t easy, but we pray and we have endless faith that we will have you in our arms soon.

We love you, Baby J. So many people love you. You are ours, we are yours, and we are a family.

In other awesome news, we are almost ready to start selling my hand painted bracelets! The Seeking Baby J Adoption Auction is coming soon, too! Email us if you’d like more info! 😘


Jamberry is helping make our baby dreams come true! Check out Mandee J Nails or email me!


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