Snowmen & Contest! ⛄️☃

I’ve been having so much fun creating these cute little snowman ornaments & necklaces. I took an online class, taught by the amazing Deryn Mentock, called The Merry Men of Winter. Deryn is such a wonderful jewerly creator and teacher. I’ll certainly take more of her classes in the future!

Daryn is hosting a blog party to share everyone’s creations. I love the way that everyone took her instructions and made them into their own unique creations!

I made so many different necklaces & ornaments from various little glass containers. We’ve also been searching thrift shops for little silver salt & pepper shakers, too! Deryn makes the cutest snowmen from them!

These guys have really helped me get into the holiday spirit this year! Christmas is hard sometimes. Especially when it marks another year of us waiting on our sweet Baby J to join our family. I always think of our Baby Hope, too, and how wonderful it would be to share our holiday traditions with her. She will always be the part of me that is missing. I’m always so thankful for the little things that make the big things easier.

We filled them with fun little beads & baubles.

We found ribbons, burlap, & flannel to use as their scarves

Their hats are made from ornament tops, bead caps, & wire.

This little bulb snowman makes such a cute little winter display on my tiny easel.

I’ve posted several in our shop. You can check them out here! All proceeds from our Seeking Baby J store go directly to our adoption fund!

Enter to win a snowman necklace! On 12/23, I’ll pick one winner who both comments on this post and subscribes to our newsletter (link here)

Merry Happy Everything!




12 thoughts on “Snowmen & Contest! ⛄️☃

  1. Mandee, your ornaments are sweet, sweet, sweet! I am so very sorry for your loss, I know it all too well. I also know, and believe with every fiber of my being, that everything happens for a reason and it works out as it should. Baby J is out there and when the moment is right, your lives are going to be blessed with immeasurable joy. Hope will always be with you, watching over you just as our T watches over us. Merry Christmas and blessings and hugs to you!


  2. Hi Mandee. I think my comment didn’t post the other day. You did a great job on your ornaments! I haven’t made mine yet (I also purchased Deryn’s course), but look forward to doing so over the next year. Best of luck to you with Sweet Baby J, I firmly believe that it all happens when it’s meant to happen. You have your sweet angel Hope looking over you, never doubt for a minute that she is.


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